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Atlanta’s Lake Lanier is a favorite summertime destination for Georgians looking to kick back, catch some sun and enjoy the water. However, a flurry of accidents on the lake this summer is raising concerns about boating safety. The June deaths of two young boys and a recent high-profile accident that rendered Usher’s stepson brain-dead serve as sober reminders to keep safety in mind on the lake this summer.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently compared Lake Lanier to the “wild west,” noting that the lake draws crowds, alcohol and inexperienced boaters. Last year the lake saw 28 boating accidents that resulted in injuries or involved alcohol. With no license requirements for boaters in Georgia, some boat operators don’t know all the rules – or what to do if they end up on a dangerous collision course.

Atlanta personal injury attorney W. Winston Briggs would like to remind local boaters that a few key safety precautions can make the difference between a carefree day on the lake and an urgent trip to the hospital:

  • Wear a life jacket. While state law only requires them for children under the age of 10, they are an essential part of a safe trip for all boaters.
  • Get your boat checked for safety by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or Department of Natural Resources. Check your lights if you plan to boat after dark.
  • If you plan to have alcohol on your boat, always have a designated operator. Alcohol is a major cause of accidents both on land and at sea.
  • Consider taking a boating safety course. You will have more fun this summer if you are confident that you and your passengers are safe and prepared.

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