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Case Results

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Toxic Injuries

$300,000 Recovery Sulfur Dioxide Exposure RADS Case

Our firm obtained a $300,000 recovery for railroad worker who was exposed to Sulfur Dioxide gas leaking from railroad tank car in railroad yard. Sulfur Dioxide is a colorless odorless gas so client was unable to know he was being exposed until the chemical was in his lungs and sinuses. Our client collapsed from the chemical but was able to make it away from the leaking tank car without dying. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for chemical exposure. Although he survived, he was diagnosed with Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (“RADS-see explanation of RADS on our web site) and had damage to olfactory nerves in sinuses, which caused him lose much of his senses of smell and taste. We sued manufacture of tank and the company that loaded to tank car with Sulfur Dioxide, who ultimately agreed to settle the case for $300,000.

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$150,000 Recovery Chlorine Dioxide Exposure Case

A substantial recovery was obtained for a man who was exposed to chlorine dioxide when he was delivering product to a paper mill in Augusta, Georgia. Our client was a truck driver who was delivering a product used in the paper manufacturing process to the paper mill at the time of the incident. While unloading his product at the mill, our client was exposed to airborne chlorine dioxide that was leaking into the facility through a sewer vent at the property. Our client suffered a temporary respiratory injury known as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) which cause him breathing problems requiring medical treatment for an approximately two month period. The case was settled for $150,000 without fining suit.

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Lung Injuries

$275,000 Recovery Spray Foam Exposure Case

A recovery of $275,000 was obtained for a Texas man exposed to spray foam insulation being installed by a spray foam insulation application company at a construction site in a Dallas subdivision. Our client was installing audio wiring in a new house construction project when he was accidentally contacted with a spray foam insulation product known as Demilec Selection 500 being applied at the house by a spray foam insulation company. The spray foam product contains isocyanates, which is known to cause neurological and respiratory problems in humans. Our client suffered various health problems following his exposure, including a respiratory condition known as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) and loss of sense of smell. The application company denied responsibility for our client’s injuries so we filed suit in Texas, which was ultimately settled for $275,000.

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Slip and Fall

$350,000 Recovery National Grocery Store Fall Case

A $350,000 recovery was obtained for a man who slipped and fell in a national grocery store on a piece of plastic on the floor. The fall caused our client to re-injure a preexisting injury in his back which ultimately resulted in the man having revision back surgery. Although the grocery store claimed that our client “staged” the fall, we were able to file suit and force the grocery store to pay $350,000 to settle the claim based on the fact the store had failed to preserve video evidence of the incident despite our written notice to the grocery store to preserve such evidence shortly after the fall.

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$700,000 Recovery Office Complex Fall Case

The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm obtained a $700,000 recovery for California woman who was injured when she slipped on some oil on the floor outside her office at the Atlanta Stove Works office complex. Our client was in town working on the production of the movie Foot Loose and had a temporary office the Stove Works facility. One evening when she had been working late, she slipped on oil on the floor outside her office. We were able to prove that the office complex improperly allowed vehicles to drive outside her office door to make deliveries resulting in the oil from a vehicle getting on the floor. We were further able to show the, in a cost saving measure, the facility had the lights turned off on a timer, causing our client not the see the oil on the floor that caused her to slip and fall. Our client injured her elbow resulting in her having to have reconstructive surgery on her elbow.

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Truck Accidents

$1,850,000 Recovery Semi Tractor Crash Case

$1,850,000 recovery was obtained for woman whose husband was killed when one of three “piggy backed” semi tractors being transported on highway in Virginia detached from transporting semi’s “fifth Wheel” and crashed into truck being operated by client’s husband. W. Winston Briggs Law Firm filed suit in federal court in Virginia because transporting trucking company denied liability for husband’s death. The firm used reconstruction experts and state police reconstruction team the establish that “piggy backed” trucks had not been properly attached as required by federal regulations by defendant trucking company. On the eve of trial, Defendant trucking company agreed to $1,850,000 settlement, which was structured to provide client with income over the entire course of her life.

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Construction Accidents

$750,000 Recovery Botanical Gardens Bridge Collapse Case

The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm recovered $750,000 for man injured when Atlanta Botanical Gardens sky walk way bridge collapsed. Client was on bridge filming bridge construction for his company who had supplied fiber materials used in bridge construction when bridge collapsed, throwing client from bridge and into a tree. Client suffered broken leg and ultimately required neck surgery. Although others were injured in the incident, the briggs Firm obtained to largest recovery for any person injured in the incident.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Crossing Guard Injury Case

$567,000 trial verdict: Our firm obtained a $567,000 trial verdict for a man who was hit by a car while working as a crossing guard at a school. The man and his insurance company denied responsibility for the incident, claiming our client wasn’t paying attention and walked out in front of the driver. The driver and his insurance carrier made no settlement offer prior to trial. Following a three day trial, the jury found in our favor and awarded our client $567,000 in damages.

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Medical Malpractice

$850,000 Recovery OB/GYN Case

An $850,000 recovery obtained for husband of woman who died when OB/GYN doctor failed to diagnose pregnancy patient with an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy when she appeared at doctor’s office for her initial pregnancy evaluation. Doctor failed to recognize that woman was ”high risk” for ectopic pregnancy and preform proper assessment of her pregnancy during such evaluation. As a result, patient was sent home without identifying and addressing the problem and patient suffered internal bleed a week later when her ectopic pregnancy ruptured, which caused her to collapse suddenly and. Doctor and his medical practice initially denied responsibility for incident claiming they had no sufficient reason to evaluate her for ectopic pregnancy issues, however after the filing and pursing a lawsuit, doctor settled case for $850,000. The couple had no children at the time of death.

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$350,000 Recovery Coumadin Case

$350,000 recovery for family of 80 year old woman who died due to failure of doctor and home health care nursing practice to properly administer and monitor Coumadin (blood thinner) levels resulting in woman bleeding out and dying at hospital. Doctor and nursing practice initially denied liability for her death so our firm filed suit against both parties. We were able to prove that home health care nurses had noted that patient’s Coumadin levels were exceedingly high requiring adjustment of Coumadin levels but neither doctor nor nurses properly adjusted patient’s medication. Approximately a week later, because her Coumadin levels were not properly adjusted, patient bleed out and died.. A $350,000 settlement was reached at mediation just before trial.

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Wrongful Death

$750,000 Recovery Improper Medication Case

The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm obtained a $750,000 recovery for the family of a woman who was transported by ambulance to hospital when family correctly believed she was having a stroke and called 911. At the hospital, the woman was given Improper medication for heart attack instead of stroke. By failing to give woman proper medication, client’s stroke was not controlled and she ultimately died. We were able to show that, had she been given proper medication, she would have survived with limited consequences. Client was 75 when she died. Hospital settled case for $750,000.

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