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Crime victims often believe they have little recourse to obtain compensation for the injuries they suffered. While the criminal justice system may deal with the criminal in terms of punishment, if the criminal was caught, that does not address medical bills, lost wages, and the pain and suffering that the victim experienced. Even if a criminal is told by the court to make financial restitution to the victim, criminals rarely have the money to comply.

If the crime was committed at a hotel, mall, gas station, bar or nightclub, or any other commercial property, and there were steps that the owner of that property could and should have taken to prevent the crime, the victim may be able to file an inadequate security claim. The attorneys at the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm in Atlanta can help.

When to File an Inadequate Security Claim Against a Property Owner

Briggs WinstonIn order for an inadequate security claim to be successful, there typically needs to be evidence that criminal or other inappropriate activity occurred on the property in the past and the property owner did not take proper steps to stop it from occurring again. For example, if a hotel has been broken into in the past and guests have been robbed, the hotel should take steps to improve security, such as installing better locks, improving lighting or adding a video surveillance system. Similarly, a bar or nightclub that has been the scene of numerous assaults should hire additional security staff to prevent fights from happening in the future.

Our lawyers handle cases involving robbery, assault, rape, murder and other crimes that could have been prevented but led to serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

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