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What to consider in choosing an attorney

“The most important considerations in choosing an attorney to represent you in cases of personal injury or wrongful death are experience, competence, success record, reputation (in the legal and insurance communities), and a passion for handling the case.

A note from Attorney W. Winston Briggs

expert_advice_1I have tried and won far more jury trials than most of my peers. During my career, I have tried more than 150 jury trials. I have a reputation for not backing away from trial like many attorneys. Insurance companies, lawyers, and judges know that. They know that I am willing to take the case to trial if the case is not resolved for its full value before trial. This results in better outcomes for my clients. When insurance companies and their lawyers believe that a lawyer does not want to try the case, they will attempt to resolve the case for less than its full worth. Many so-called “trial lawyers” are actually reluctant to try cases in front of juries or have limited trial experience. That is where passion, experience, and reputation are important. It is well known in the legal community that, if no reasonable offer is made in my client’s case before trial, I will do whatever it takes to get my client what they deserve, including taking the case to trial. That generally results in larger offers to my clients before trial. However, if the settlement offer is less than reasonable and we must go to trial, I have the experience and passion to successfully try the case.”

-W. Winston Briggs

Why the Winston Briggs Law Firm?

who_we_are_1The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm can give you the maximum compensation for your claim. Winston Briggs and the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm are the right choice to handle your personal injury case. Winston Briggs and his litigation team will work with you on your case and personally be available virtually anytime to discuss your case with you.

Mr. Briggs has worked as a defense lawyer for insurance companies and their drivers, so he knows the defense maneuvers and tactics insurance companies and their attorneys use to attempt to resolve cases for less than their full value. Mr. Briggs has tried more than 140 cases and is known and respected as a lawyer who is always willing to try a case. That results in higher settlement offers before trial because opposing lawyers and insurance companies respect the fact that Mr. Briggs will try the case if they do not agree to pay the full value of the case. Most importantly, if full value is not offered without trial and the case must be decided by the jury, Mr. Briggs has the experience and a proven success record essential to getting you the most you can get (and all you deserve) at trial. Experience. Reputation. Passion.-That is what sets Winston Briggs and the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm apart.