Personal Injury Articles

Personal Injury Articles


Are You A Victim Of Workplace Toxins?

Some occupations are knowingly hazardous. If you work in a chemical plant, your employer is legally required to notify you of the risks. However, every year, many employees who work in fields in which they are not expected to be exposed to dangerous toxins find themselves severely—and sometimes permanently—injured on the job. There are many […]

Preventing Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

As the weather grows colder, wetter, and quite slippery, it’s more important than ever to invest in preventative measures. Staying safe in the winter involves more than staying alert. You need to outfit your property with the proper tools to ensure everyone can have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Slip and fall injuries can […]

Study Shows Construction Workers Exposed to Silica Are at Risk of Disease

Occupational hazards are common for most construction workers, as they have to deal with threats of failing equipment, excessive noise, and other potential workplace dangers. However, the job of a construction worker could be even more hazardous than previously thought, as a new report shows that construction workers who labor in close proximity to crystalline […]

Top 10 Deadliest Jobs

“My job is killing me” is a common phrase uttered by workers in all walks of life. Between project deadlines, long hours, challenging bosses, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and carpal tunnel syndrome, chances are that statement is not far off from the truth. In order to figure out just how deadly your job is, Forbes has […]

The Health Hazards of Common Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners are safe when used as directed. However, once they are mixed with other cleaners or they degrade as they get older, the properties may change. You may not even be aware of what chemicals are in your cleaner, as there are no federal guidelines for labeling these products. One promising sign is […]

Tips to Prevent Dog Attacks

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), nearly any dog can be aggressive and attack. Large dogs may get more publicity and cause fatal bites more often, but even small dogs attack. Aggressive dogs are a liability for pet owners. You can be sued if your dog bites someone and causes injuries. However, you […]

West Virginians Are Still Feeling the Effects of Chemical Spill

July 9, 2014 marks the six-month anniversary of the major chemical spill that affected more than 300,000 people living in and around the Charleston, West Virginia area. Many people want to know if Freedom Industry has fixed the damage to the water supply and are residents confident in the safety of the water they are […]

Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities Inspires New Vehicle Technologies

Cars will soon be able to drive themselves. At least, that’s what Toyota plans as they implement self-braking technology in their latest models. This is happening across the board with major car manufacturers in response to the significant number of pedestrian fatalities.   Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers plan to release auto-braking technology in their […]

2014 U.S. Chemical Accident Infographic

Chemical accidents can pose serious danger to those exposed, including short-term and long-term health problems such as nerve damage, headaches, and burns to the eyes, throat, lungs and skin. In more severe cases, exposure to chemicals can cause brain damage or even death. Since the beginning of this year, there have been over 28 chemical […]

Beware of Car Insurance Scams

If you are involved in a serious automobile accident and don’t have insurance, you could pay severely. Because having car insurance is mandated by the government, it has pushed many car owners right into the hands of car insurance scammers. Most car owners don’t know they are caught in a scam until it’s too late–after […]