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Atlanta Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

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A fifth wheel is a coupling device that connects a tractor to a trailer using a kingpin. It can also be used to piggyback one tractor to another for transportation purposes. Proper coupling of the tractor and trailer is essential. Incorrect or incomplete coupling could allow the trailer to come loose during transport, which could lead to extremely serious and sometimes life-threatening accidents.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident involving a fifth-wheel decouplement or other issue, it is critical that you seek the advice of an experienced Georgia tractor-trailer accident lawyer as soon as possible. These cases can be extremely complex, and having the right representation behind you is essential to securing a positive result.

“My husband died in a terrible trucking accident, leaving me a widow and my son without a father. The trucking company (that killed my husband) initially refused to accept responsibility for my husband’s death. I hired Winston Briggs and turned everything over to him. During this very difficult time, Winston took total control of the case and filed suit in Federal Court in Virginia. The case required Mr. Briggs to make numerous trips to Virginia to take on the responsible parties on their home turf. Although it required significant effort, at the end of the day, Mr. Briggs successfully forced the responsible companies to accept responsibility for my husband’s death and to pay a settlement that will take care of my son and me over the course of our lives. The event was tragic but I am very pleased that I hired Winston to represent me and my son in the case.” — Mary Ann Garrard

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Briggs WinstonAt the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm in Atlanta, we represent clients across Georgia in a variety of accidents involving fifth wheels. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these matters, and we are diligent in our pursuit of compensation for our clients’ injuries. You can count on us to do whatever it takes to see that your current and future needs are fully accommodated.

When you hire our firm, we will get to work immediately investigating your case and working to preserve valuable evidence that could support your case. When appropriate, we will bring in mechanical experts to examine the kingpin for proper attachment and maintenance. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, we will pursue compensation from any party that shared in the responsibility for the accident.

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