Loss of Limb Attorney Atlanta

Loss of Limb Attorney Atlanta

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Georgia Amputation Injury Lawyers

The loss of a limb will permanently change the victim’s life. The people who suffer these serious injuries know all too well just how difficult it is to adjust to life after the loss. While prosthetics may be available in some cases, they are expensive and even the most advanced is not the same as the real thing.

If you have suffered an amputation injury in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to take action and seek compensation. These cases tend to be challenging, so it is important that you choose an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your interests and do what is right for you.

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Briggs WinstonAt the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm in Atlanta, we have the experience to handle these challenging cases. We know that we have to do much more than prove the act of negligence that caused the injury. We have to convince the insurance adjuster, or the jury if we take the matter to court, just how valuable the lost limb is. This can vary, depending on the victim’s line of work. While a lost hand is certainly life changing in every case, if the victim made his or her living by working with his or her hands, it means that value also has to include the loss of the career. We take great care to seek the right amount of compensation.

We handle cases involving limbs lost because of:

Our attorneys handle cases involving loss of hands, loss of fingers, loss of arms, loss of feet, loss of toes and loss of legs.

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