Cyclist Tom Erdmanczyk “When cycling with a group in Roswell, I was hit by a car, resulting in emergency hospitalization for multiple injuries, two surgeries and months of rehabilitation. The driver, who was charged with improper passing, was uncommunicative, as was his insurance company.After interviewing attorneys recommended by other cyclists, I engaged W. Winston Briggs as my attorney. Of the other attorneys I interviewed, Winston had the most litigation experience. Six months after the collision, we have received a policy limit settlement from the driver’s insurance company, and Mr. Briggs has addressed the subrogation claim on my health insurance company, resulting in a substantial reduction of their claim.
Ultimately, the settlement was satisfactory because of the involvement of Winston Briggs. I recommend Mr. Briggs highly to any cyclist who has the misfortune to be struck by a car.”

– Cyclist Tom Erdmanczyk

“I sustained injuries when I was hit by a car riding my bicycle. The driver contended I was at fault for the collision.In researching attorneys, W. Winston Briggs came highly recommended as a personal injury trial attorney. I hired Mr. Briggs and his firm took over my case.
I am extremely pleased I hired The Briggs Law Firm and would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the position of needing a personal injury lawyer, and particularly, one who has been injured in a bicycle accident.

Once the insurance carriers learned Mr. Briggs was my lawyer, they accepted responsibility for the accident and compensated me for my injuries.”

– Cyclist Bruce Fernald