Wrongful Death Attorney


In a wrongful death medical malpractice case, Winston Briggs represented a man whose pregnant wife went to see her obstetrician, was given prenatal vitamins, and was told to return for a routine follow-up visit in a few weeks. Before she returned for her follow-up appointment, the wife collapsed and later died. Her death was a result of an ectopic (“tubal”) pregnancy that ruptured, causing her to bleed to death. The obstetrician and his medical office denied any responsibility for the wife’s death, claiming it was an unforeseeable act of God.

Mr. Briggs filed suit for the husband and, through appropriate medical evidence, was able to prove that the woman’s death was foreseeable, could have been prevented through earlier recognition, and that the doctor should have recognized the wife’s susceptibility to that medical problem when he examined her. It was further proven that, had the doctor performed the appropriate medical examination earlier, it would have saved her life. The case resulted in a multimillion dollar recovery for the client.