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Atlanta Toxic Substance Exposure Attorney

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Fighting for Victims Who Have Suffered Due to Long-Term Toxic Exposure

They could be in your workplace, they could be in the neighborhood playground, they could even be right in your own backyard. No matter where you encounter them, exposure to toxic substances can have an extremely serious impact on you or your family’s health and well-being.

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 established clear guidelines for the handling and disposal of harmful chemicals. When these guidelines are not followed, the health of everyone in the area could be in jeopardy. If you or someone you love is suffering from an illness that could be traced to the negligent handling of a toxic substance, you should seek the advice of a personal injury attorney with experience in these matters.

Experienced Georgia Lawyer for Your Toxic Substance Injury Claim

At the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm in Atlanta, we represent clients who have been injured due to the negligent policies and behavior of companies and their employees. We are prepared to help you with any case involving toxic substances, including groundwater contamination by pesticides, trichloroethylene (TCE) or other chemicals, asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma and other diseases related to toxic chemicals and benzene.

Briggs WinstonWe also handle a variety of cases involving the misapplication and accidental release of chemicals. If you have been harmed by the improper application of pesticides or the negligent use of industrial chemicals, we will fight to see that your rights are protected. In addition, we have extensive experience with the accidental release of toxic chemicals, including truck rollovers, railroad car accidents, explosions and many other causes.

These cases can be extremely complex. In many cases, the conditions caused by the toxic substances do not become apparent right away. We have the knowledge, skill and resources necessary to fully investigate your case, uncover the truth and hold the negligent parties accountable.

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