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The aftermath of a car accident can be quite confusing, painful and chaotic. There are a lot of things that can be going on around a victim, including traffic jams, emergency responders and serious damage to vehicles that can be seen quite clearly. Because of all this, it can be difficult for accident victims to understand what may have happened to them and whether they have been seriously injured.

The victim of an Atlanta car accident recently discussed her experiences in an article and gives a unique perspective into what can commonly be seen in accidents, and what can often be overlooked in the chaos that surrounds a serious crash.

According to the woman’s story, her car was hit on the passenger side in the accident. The airbags in her car deployed, her seatbelt kept her in place during the collision and her injuries proved to be non-serious. Despite the fact that her injuries were not life-threatening and the safety features in her vehicle performed as expected, the victim says she was surprised at just how painful the crash proved to be.

When airbags deploy, for example, motorists may not realize the force with which their bodies can hit the airbags. Sometimes, a driver’s chest will make contact with the steering wheel. This is why it is not uncommon for victims to suffer chest pain, broken ribs and serious internal injuries.

Even when a seat belt properly restrains a person in a crash, he or she can often suffer broken bones, back pain and concussions depending on how the vehicle was hit. These injuries may not always be noticeable at first, especially in accidents that do not appear to be major. Our bodies will react as quickly as possible in a crash and while this may be effective in preventing the most serious injuries, there are often painful side effects to these reactions no matter how many safety precautions are in place.

Victims of car accidents should remember that getting medical attention after a crash can be crucial. But medical bills, time away from work and ongoing care can be expensive. Because of this, it can also be important to speak with an attorney who can help victims pursue compensation after an accident, should they be eligible to do so.