$27 Million Jury Verdict

Auto Accident/DUI/Tavern Liability


Family members killed and injured by DUI driver who was over served alcohol at strip club when bar should have recognized defendant was intoxicated and stopped serving her alcohol. Defendant left club highly intoxicated and drove vehicle into clients’ vehicle killing one passenger and seriously injuring two other passengers. Jury held bar that served defendant alcohol after she was intoxicated liable for wreck and assessed bar with both compensatory and punitive damages.

$7 Million Recovery

Legal Malpractice/Fraud


Client who was beneficiary of trust set up by his father lost millions of $ when trustee of his trust/his lawyer failed to take adequate actions to protect client and his trust funds from creditors when his father’s business declared bankruptcy in 2009. After years of extensive litigation with trustee/lawyer and his law firm disputing client’s claims case settled on eve of trial.

$4 Million Recovery

Trucking Accident


70 year old client killed when rear ended by 18 Wheeler while preparing to make left hand turn at Illinois intersection. Trucking company argued client improperly stopped at intersection without turn signal flashing and also that client’s recovery should be limited because client had been diagnosed with cancer. Case eventually settled when insurance carriers paid their policy limits to settle the case.

$3 Million Recovery

Legal Malpractice/Fraud


Client lost millions in funds put in trust by his father payable on father’s death when lawyer/trustee put in charge of client’s trust failed to take proper actions to protect client and his trust funds when father’s business forced to declare bankruptcy. Trustee/lawyer also took actions contrary to client’s best interests which further harmed client. After a week of trial, the trustee/lawyer agreed to settle the case for $3 million.

$1,850,000 Recovery

Semi Tractor Crash Case


$1,850,000 recovery was obtained for woman whose husband was killed when one of three “piggy backed” semi tractors being transported on highway in Virginia detached from transporting semi’s “fifth Wheel” and crashed into truck being operated by client’s husband. W. Winston Briggs Law Firm filed suit in federal court in Virginia because transporting trucking company denied liability for husband’s death. The firm used reconstruction experts and state police reconstruction team the establish that “piggy backed” trucks had not been properly attached as required by federal regulations by defendant trucking company. On the eve of trial, Defendant trucking company agreed to $1,850,000 settlement, which was structured to provide client with income over the entire course of her life.

$1.8 Million Verdict

Auto Accident

Neck Injury

W. Winston Briggs obtained a $1.8 Million verdict on December 15, 2023 in case where there were only $23k in medical expenses and highest offer by defense and insurance carrier before trial was $70k. Case involved auto wreck where defendant ran a red light and slammed into our client’s vehicle then left the scene on foot. Client suffered broken neck. This was a three day jury trial in Dekalb County Georgia and jury deliberated for five hours before rendering its verdict.

$1.5 Million Recovery

Trucking Accident


Client seriously injured when T-boned by 18 Wheeler while turning left at Indiana intersection. Client had amnesia and could not remember wreck other that waiting to turn at intersection prior to wreck. There was conflicting testimony from witnesses as to who caused wreck but expert we retained testified based on examination of evidence that defendant truck driver had to be running red light at time he hit out client. Case settled shortly before set to go to trial.

$850,000 Recovery

Medical Malpractice


Client’s mother died when home health care nurses failed to properly monitor and administer blood thinner medication to mother while caring for her. Home health care facility contended it’s nurses properly monitored and administered blood thinner medication to client’s mother and that mother died of an unrelated caused but ultimately agreed to settlement before trial.

$850,000 Recovery



An $850,000 recovery obtained for husband of woman who died when OB/GYN doctor failed to diagnose pregnancy patient with an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy when she appeared at doctor’s office for her initial pregnancy evaluation. Doctor failed to recognize that woman was ”high risk” for ectopic pregnancy and preform proper assessment of her pregnancy during such evaluation. As a result, patient was sent home without identifying and addressing the problem and patient suffered internal bleed a week later when her ectopic pregnancy ruptured, which caused her to collapse suddenly and. Doctor and his medical practice initially denied responsibility for incident claiming they had no sufficient reason to evaluate her for ectopic pregnancy issues, however after the filing and pursing a lawsuit, doctor settled case for $850,000. The couple had no children at the time of death.

$750,000 Recovery

Botanical Gardens Bridge Collapse Case


The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm recovered $750,000 for man injured when Atlanta Botanical Gardens sky walk way bridge collapsed. Client was on bridge filming bridge construction for his company who had supplied fiber materials used in bridge construction when bridge collapsed, throwing client from bridge and into a tree. Client suffered broken leg and ultimately required neck surgery. Although others were injured in the incident, the briggs Firm obtained to largest recovery for any person injured in the incident.

$750,000 Recovery

Improper Medication Case


The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm obtained a $750,000 recovery for the family of a woman who was transported by ambulance to hospital when family correctly believed she was having a stroke and called 911. At the hospital, the woman was given Improper medication for heart attack instead of stroke. By failing to give woman proper medication, client’s stroke was not controlled and she ultimately died. We were able to show that, had she been given proper medication, she would have survived with limited consequences. Client was 75 when she died. Hospital settled case for $750,000.

$700,000 Recovery

Office Complex Fall Case


The W. Winston Briggs Law Firm obtained a $700,000 recovery for California woman who was injured when she slipped on some oil on the floor outside her office at the Atlanta Stove Works office complex. Our client was in town working on the production of the movie Foot Loose and had a temporary office the Stove Works facility. One evening when she had been working late, she slipped on oil on the floor outside her office. We were able to prove that the office complex improperly allowed vehicles to drive outside her office door to make deliveries resulting in the oil from a vehicle getting on the floor. We were further able to show the, in a cost saving measure, the facility had the lights turned off on a timer, causing our client not the see the oil on the floor that caused her to slip and fall. Our client injured her elbow resulting in her having to have reconstructive surgery on her elbow.

$650,000 Recovery

Medical Malpractice


Client’s mother taken to hospital when having unexplained pains that concerned her family members. While at hospital, nurses failed to properly monitor client’s mother who was experiencing signs of stroke and failed notify doctors of her deteriorating condition before she had serious brain bleed and became brain dead. Client’s mother eventually died following stroke. Hospital denied liability for the incident arguing signs of stroke were not obvious so as to alert hospital staff of need for emergency stroke treatment. Hospital eventually agreed to pay claim on eve of trial.

$567,000 Trial Verdict

Crossing Guard Injury Case


$567,000 trial verdict: Our firm obtained a $567,000 trial verdict for a man who was hit by a car while working as a crossing guard at a school. The man and his insurance company denied responsibility for the incident, claiming our client wasn’t paying attention and walked out in front of the driver. The driver and his insurance carrier made no settlement offer prior to trial. Following a three day trial, the jury found in our favor and awarded our client $567,000 in damages.

$550,000 Recovery

Dog Attack


Client seriously injured when attacked by four pit bulls while client was jogging on country road. Dogs were owned by squatter who was living with dogs on property owned by property investors who purchased property knowing squatter was living on property with vicious dogs yet did nothing to have squatter and dogs removed from property after purchasing the property until dogs attacked client jogging on road running passed property. Property owners contended they did not know vicious dogs were living on the property they owned yet settled the claim on the eve of trial.

$300,000 Trial Verdict

Truck Accident


Client injured when side swiped by 18 Wheeler on I-285 in Atlanta causing client’s vehicle to hit highway median wall. Defense contended client’s injuries were unrelated to wreck and that she was exaggerating her injuries. After one week trial jury found in our client’s favor and awarded $300,000 in damages for her injuries.

$300,000 Trial Verdict

Truck Accident


Client injured when side swiped by 18 Wheeler on I-285 in Atlanta causing client’s vehicle to hit highway median wall. Defense contended client’s injuries were unrelated to wreck and that she was exaggerating her injuries. After one week trial jury found in our client’s favor and awarded $300,000 in damages for her injuries.

$285,000 Jury Verdict

Auto Accident Trial


Client injured in intersection accident on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta on way to work one morning causing client ongoing back problems. Defense argued our client was driving recklessly and at an excessive speed when he came through intersection which caused accident. Defense also argued client had treated excessively and was overcharged for his medical care. After four day trial jury returned $285,000 verdict in client’s favor which was more that three times to amount offered by insurance carrier to settle before trial.

$400,000 Recovery

Property Owner Failure to Equip Apt
with Fire Extinguisher


Client received serious burn injuries to her body when fire occurred while visiting friend at apt friend was leasing. When fire arose friend and neighbors attempted to put out fire with extinguishers supplied in apt building but extinguishers were not properly charged or maintained and client received burn injuries in the fire. Property owner settled for $400,000 prior to trial.

$350,000 Recovery

Grocery Store Fall


A $350,000 recovery was obtained for a man who slipped and fell in a national grocery store on a piece of plastic on the floor. The fall caused our client to re-injure a preexisting injury in his back which ultimately resulted in the man having revision back surgery. Although the grocery store claimed that our client “staged” the fall, we were able to file suit and force the grocery store to pay $350,000 to settle the claim based on the fact the store had failed to preserve video evidence of the incident despite our written notice to the grocery store to preserve such evidence shortly after the fall.

$350,000 Recovery

Slip and Fall


Client tripped over broken door jam at boy friend’s leased property and broke her back. Lawsuit filed for client alleged landlord failed to properly maintain leased property creating unreasonable trip hazard to persons invited to the property, including our client. Landlord initially argued client was intoxicated when she fell but that was refuted with witness testimony and medical records. Landlord eventually settled the case for $350,000.

$350,000 Recovery

Coumadin Case


$350,000 recovery for family of 80 year old woman who died due to failure of doctor and home health care nursing practice to properly administer and monitor Coumadin (blood thinner) levels resulting in woman bleeding out and dying at hospital. Doctor and nursing practice initially denied liability for her death so our firm filed suit against both parties. We were able to prove that home health care nurses had noted that patient’s Coumadin levels were exceedingly high requiring adjustment of Coumadin levels but neither doctor nor nurses properly adjusted patient’s medication. Approximately a week later, because her Coumadin levels were not properly adjusted, patient bleed out and died.. A $350,000 settlement was reached at mediation just before trial.

$350,000 Recovery

Restaurant Slip & Fall


Client injured when fell while descending steps at Buckhead restaurant that were not properly marked with railing or painted stripping causing client serious injury to wrist requiring emergency medical care and surgery. Restaurant contended steps did not present hazard and it was not responsible for client’s injuries and that client should have recognized any hazard that existed because he had previously ascended the steps on his way into restaurant. Case went to GA Court of Appeals which ruled client was entitled to present case to jury. Case settled on first day of trial.

$300,000 Recovery

Premises Liability


Client broke hip and leg when stairs at property she was leasing unexpectedly collapsed. Lawsuit filed for client alleged landlord failed to properly maintain leased premises resulting in injuries to client. Landlord tendered $300,000 policy limits to resolve case before trial.

$300,000 Recovery

Trampoline Park Injury


Client severely broke her ankle requiring surgery while jumping at trampoline park in normal fashion in Charlotte, NC. Lawsuit filed for client alleged trampoline park was defectively designed and inherently dangerous to the general public. Trampoline park argued park not defectively designed and client’s claims barred by written waiver client signed before jumping on date of injury. After judge ruled waiver did not bar client’s claims, case settled for $300,000.

$100,000 Recovery

Dog Bite


Client who was 5 years old at the time injured when bitten by neighbors’ dog when invited over for play date. Homeowner’s insurance carrier paid $100,000 policy limits to settle the claim.

$300,000 Recovery

Sulfur Dioxide Exposure (RADS)


Client injured in intersection accident on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta on way to work one morning causing client ongoing back problems. Defense argued our client was driving recklessly and at an excessive speed when he came through intersection which caused accident. Defense also argued client had treated excessively and was overcharged for his medical care. After four day trial jury returned $285,000 verdict in client’s favor which was more that three times to amount offered by insurance carrier to settle before trial.

$150,000 Recovery

Chlorine Dioxide Exposure


A substantial recovery was obtained for a man who was exposed to chlorine dioxide when he was delivering product to a paper mill in Augusta, Georgia. Our client was a truck driver who was delivering a product used in the paper manufacturing process to the paper mill at the time of the incident. While unloading his product at the mill, our client was exposed to airborne chlorine dioxide that was leaking into the facility through a sewer vent at the property. Our client suffered a temporary respiratory injury known as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) which cause him breathing problems requiring medical treatment for an approximately two month period. The case was settled for $150,000 without fining suit.

$275,000 Recovery

Spray Foam Exposure Case


A recovery of $275,000 was obtained for a Texas man exposed to spray foam insulation being installed by a spray foam insulation application company at a construction site in a Dallas subdivision. Our client was installing audio wiring in a new house construction project when he was accidentally contacted with a spray foam insulation product known as Demilec Selection 500 being applied at the house by a spray foam insulation company. The spray foam product contains isocyanates, which is known to cause neurological and respiratory problems in humans. Our client suffered various health problems following his exposure, including a respiratory condition known as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) and loss of sense of smell. The application company denied responsibility for our client’s injuries so we filed suit in Texas, which was ultimately settled for $275,000.

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Suffering a serious injury due to another person’s negligence can change your life in an instant. Without warning, you can be facing massive medical bills and find yourself unable to work. Once you have received medical care for your immediate injuries, it is important that you seek the advice of a reputable personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who can help you understand your rights.

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Representing Georgia Accident Injury Victims

The Briggs Law Firm specializes in representing people and the families of people injured or killed due to the carelessness and recklessness of others. Our founder, W. Winston Briggs, has tried more than 200 jury trials in his 30 year career. Mr. Briggs is a skilled trial lawyer well known for his ability and willingness to try cases. That results in higher settlements to our clients because insurance companies recognize that Mr. Briggs is a seasoned and fearless litigator who will try cases if they don’t pay the full value of the claim. If the case must be tried, there is no better firm to have on your side.

Winston and his team were the best I’ve ever dealt with. Honestly, I’ve hired many law firms in the past 10 years and no other law firm made me feel as important as Winston Briggs. To them I wasn’t just another case, I was family and for that I’m forever grateful. They got me a settlement that I deserved and they fought tooth and nails to make sure I wasn’t being taken advantage of. Nicole, kept me updated with my case’s progress and anytime I had a question she was on it! I felt like I was the only client because of how personalized they made it feel. Best of the best hands down. Thank you once again for everything you did for my family and I!
EM Watson, Former Client
After interviewing attorneys recommended by other cyclists, I engaged W. Winston Briggs as my attorney because he seemed to have the best grasp of my situation and because, of the attorneys I interviewed, Winston had the most litigation experience. Six months after the collision, we have received a policy limit settlement from the driver’s insurance company, and Mr. Briggs has addressed the subrogation claim of my health insurance company, resulting in a substantial reduction of their claim.
Tom Erdmanczyk, Former Client
The case required Mr. Briggs to make numerous trips to Virginia to take on the responsible parties on their home turf. Although it required significant effort, at the end of the day, Mr. Briggs successfully forced the responsible companies to accept responsibility for my husband’s death and to pay a settlement that will take care of my son and me over the course of our lives. The event was tragic but I am very pleased that I hired Winston to represent me and my son in the case.”
Mary Ann Garrard, Former Client
I injured myself requiring surgery when I fell at a hotel in New Orleans while on business. The insurance company for the hotel initially denied responsibility for my injury and then later offered me only a modest sum to settle the case, claiming there were multiple problems with my claim. I retained Winston Briggs to handle my claim and he did the rest. Without having to go through a lawsuit, Mr. Briggs convinced the hotel’s insurance company to pay more than six times the amount they had offered me to settle the claim before I hired Mr. Briggs. I hope I never need his services again but, if I do, I wouldn’t think of hiring any other attorney to represent me.
Ed Dietzel, Former Client
I am extremely pleased I hired The Briggs Law Firm and would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the position of needing a personal injury lawyer, and particularly, one who has been injured in a bicycle accident. Once the insurance carriers learned Mr. Briggs was my lawyer, they accepted responsibility for the accident and compensated me for my injuries.
Bruce Fernald, Former Client
To those injured; I’m writing to show everyone out there that Mr.Winston Briggs is here to help you. As he listened to my story I realized that he sincerely cared and knew that, even though the injury occurred, he was able to see forward and find ways to help. Winston through the years has demonstrated that he is on the cutting edge of injury recovery. He makes a painful process turn into a more profitable and emotional reward...
Brandon Johnson, Former Client
Attorney Briggs accepted my case, within a month the defendant was served, and less than a year my case was settled. To him I am indebted for his enthusiastic, encouragement and support he and his staff offered throughout the handling of my case. Unlike any other law firm, they continue to keep me in the loop on how my case progressed. I highly recommend Winston Briggs Law Firm to anyone looking for an attorney in Atlanta who cares and have integrity in his work getting the case settled, without a doubt, he’s the Best!
Camille, Former Client

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