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Thursday night is one of the biggest nights for pedestrian traffic as parents take their little goblins, batmen, princesses and even Dora the Explorers out to gather as much candy as they can from their family, friends and kind neighbors. Halloween is also a night for adult celebrations that involve alcohol.

When an individual chooses to get behind the wheel after attending one of these parties, the holiday can quickly become a dangerous night for everyone. When a driver is under the influence of alcohol, his or her actions are completely unpredictable. The warning that alcohol impairs the ability to make good decisions isn’t a joke. How far does this impairment go? Just look at a recent accident in Atlanta.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours on Friday, Oct. 18. The driver of a car had swerved onto the side of the road, striking the curb bordering a Walgreens Community Pharmacy. When the vehicle hit the curb, it didn’t stop there. The car was driving fast enough that it jumped the curb and flew straight through the side of the building.

When Georgia State Patrol officers arrived on the scene, they found the vehicle empty. After a little investigation, the officers learned that witnesses had seen the driver exit the vehicle. Instead of sitting on the curb or making a call to emergency responders, the driver spotted a nearby bar. He proceeded to enter the establishment, sit down and order a beer. It was there that he stayed, drinking until the officers arrested him.

The fact that alcohol impairs the ability to make good decisions isn’t an excuse for reckless, negligent behavior. While we can’t control the actions of careless individuals, a personal injury lawsuit is a way to keep the victim in mind while holding the drunk driver responsible for their choices.