The aftermath of a truck accident can be overwhelming, especially if you have suffered severe injuries. In addition to the pain and emotional trauma you’ve undergone, you may face the financial upheaval of serious medical expenses while also losing income due to missed time at work. You can seek compensation for these losses by pursuing legal action against the at-fault driver, but your success will depend on presenting clear evidence that they were at fault for the collision.

Truck Companies and Insurers Quickly Work Against Accident Victims

Time is of the essence after a truck accident because trucking companies work fast to avoid liability. The company and its insurer will quickly investigate the crash in an attempt to control the narrative. In many cases, they treat the accident victims as hostile witnesses, seeking any means they can to discredit them. They might even go so far as to cover up evidence of their or their driver’s liability. That’s why you need a skilled truck accident attorney on your side to protect your rights and preserve evidence.

Evidence Required to Prove Truck Driver Negligence

Now that you know what the trucking company is up to, you know why you need to get legal help of your own as quickly as possible. While they’re investigating the crash with their finances in mind, your lawyer will do the same for you, gathering and examining evidence like:

  • The truck’s “black box,” which can show the truck’s speed, hard braking events, and other dangerous behaviors before the crash
  • Weather and road condition reports from the time of the accident, which may reveal poor visibility, wet roads, construction zones, and other hazards the driver failed to account for
  • Video footage from dash cams, nearby businesses’ security cameras, and traffic cameras that captured images of how the collision occurred
  • The official police report and statements from officers on the scene regarding factors that may have caused the truck driver to lose control
  • Eyewitness statements from others who saw the accident happen and can attest to the truck driver’s negligent actions
  • Truck inspection reports that can reveal pre-existing mechanical problems, inadequately maintained equipment, overloaded cargo, and other safety violations

Evidence Regarding Victim Injuries

Beyond showing that the truck driver or company was to blame for the accident, you must also prove that the accident was the direct cause of your injuries and other losses. As such, you will want to assemble documentation such as:

  • Medical documentation like admission records and specialists’ notes that establish the diagnosis 
  • Diagnostic test results like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans that reveal the extent of internal trauma from the crash
  • Statements and expert opinions from doctors linking the truck accident to your medical problems 
  • Photos clearly showing cuts, bruises, and other external injuries 
  • Itemized lists with costs for medications, assistive devices, transportation for medical visits, home modifications, and other ongoing care needs
  • Pay stubs, tax filings, letters from your HR department, and other evidence of lost wages tied to missed days of work for treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, can help you effectively pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve. At W. Winston Briggs Law firm, we will act swiftly after an accident to gather and preserve the evidence you need. We will then deploy this evidence to maximize your compensation via aggressive negotiations with the insurer. If necessary, we will use our 30 years of courtroom experience to hold the at-fault party accountable before a judge and jury.

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