Accident Checklist

Accident Checklist

1. Get Medical Attention Immediately.

Any delay in seeking medical assistance or gaps in your medical treatment after an accident will be exploited as a weakness with your claim and used to argue that you were not injured or were not injured ‘that badly.’ Do not try to prove you have a high tolerance for pain or hope things will get better over time. Seek medical attention immediately and continuously until your injuries and symptoms completely resolve.

2. Do not make statements without a lawyer.

After an accident, you may be contacted by lawyers, insurance adjusters, or people you do not even know. Statements you make, even those that seem harmless or insignificant at the time, will be used against you to diminish or deny your claim. It will be argued that your statements made following the accident show that the accident was your fault or that you were not injured. Therefore, before you give any statement to anyone, hire a competent lawyer to represent you.

3. Interview at least three lawyers before making a decision.

The most important decision you will make following an accident in which you are injured is deciding which lawyer to hire. Choosing the right lawyer will make all the difference in the amount you recover or whether you recover anything at all. When interviewing lawyers, make sure to find out how many cases the attorney has actually tried before a jury. If the case can not be settled and must go to trial, you need an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to try a case and has a proven track record. Hiring such a lawyer will not only result in higher settlement offers without trial, it will generally result in larger verdicts at trial. Another question to ask is whether the lawyer has ever represented “the other side.” Ask the question: “Have you been hired by insurance companies to defend their drivers in cases like mine?” A lawyer who has been hired by insurance companies to defend their drivers in accident claims will be familiar with how insurance companies think and operate, as well as the defenses and maneuvers they use to resolve claims for less than their full value. An attorney with significant trial experience, who has worked for insurance companies defending their drivers in auto accident claims, is best-equipped to resolve motor vehicle accident cases for their true and fair value.

4. Hire an attorney who will personally work with you throughout your case.

At the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm, our entire litigation team works personally with each client on every case. Winston Briggs, as well as the other lawyers and paralegals in the firm, will work on your case, be familiar with your case, and will personally be available to discuss your case with you at virtually any time.

5. Do not leave the W. Winston Briggs Law Firm off your list!

Winston Briggs is one of the most successful, experienced, and well-respected trial lawyers in Georgia. Known as a man who “loves to try cases,” Mr. Briggs has more than 150 jury trials to his credit and a proven record of success. Insurance companies, lawyers and judges know of his reputation and that, if a reasonable settlement offer is not made in advance, Mr. Briggs will happily go before a jury to try the case. This results in higher settlement offers without trial because opposing parties know that, if they do not offer what the case is truly worth, Mr. Briggs and his firm will willingly take the case to trial. Winston Briggs also has the advantage of having represented “the other side” in motor vehicle accident cases. Mr. Briggs has been hired by multiple insurance companies over the years to defend the insurance companies and their drivers against auto accident claims. As a result, Mr. Briggs is very familiar with all of the techniques and maneuvers insurance companies and defense lawyers use to resolve auto accident injury and death claims for less than their full value. Mr. Briggs’ experience in working for insurance companies and their drivers in defending auto accident claims provides him with a unique skill set he will use in your favor to obtain what you and your family deserve for your case.