Commercial Fishing Injury

“My job is killing me” is a common phrase uttered by workers in all walks of life. Between project deadlines, long hours, challenging bosses, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and carpal tunnel syndrome, chances are that statement is not far off from the truth. In order to figure out just how deadly your job is, Forbes has released their list of the 10 deadliest. Let’s take a look.

Consider Your Desk Job a Luxury

If you are one of the millions of workers lucky enough to hold down a desk job, thank the stars. A day full of slow computers and languid presentations is hardly the deadliest out there. Most desk jockeys are concerned about their health, and rightly so. Research is showing the amount of time we sit down, our stress levels, and other white-collar issues negatively affect our health. However, you can integrate ergonomic chairs and standing desks to negate the negative.

The Deadliest Jobs

The deadliest jobs are not the ones that will kill you slowly; they could literally be fatal. Labor statistics show approximately 4,300 workers died from injuries on the job. On top of the list is the logging industry. Despite our ever-advancing forest felling techniques, lumberjacks are still put in high-risk situations on a regular basis. They do everything from climb tall trees to work in inclement weather conditions. To top it off, they only make around $30,000 a year. Not a great risk/reward job.

The ocean is a dangerous place. Has been since we started traversing its watery depths. The fishing industry is the second deadliest place to work. The long tours of duty are typically well compensated which makes up for the numerous hazards they encounter on the open sea. Of course, there is always the prospect of getting a reality TV show on History to help things out.

Pilots and flight engineers come in at third. This may seem fairly reasonable considering their line of work. However, a lot of injuries come from malfunctioning machinery and dangerous objects falling from the sky… when they are not in flight. Is the thrill of breaking the sound barrier worth it? Who knows?

Transportation is a killer. Auto accidents kill thousands of Americans every year. Some of these accidents occur while on the job. The logistics of the modern economy relies on a variety of transport systems including planes, trains, and automobiles.

The Surprisingly Safe Jobs

Firefighting is a surprisingly safe profession. Maybe the dangers of fire are vastly overrated. More likely is that they have high standards for training and procedures. You may also be surprised to learn that public institutions are safer than private.

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