Road Rage Attorney Atlanta


Too often, motor vehicle accidents are caused by drivers who know they are being unsafe behind the wheel but they continue to drive dangerously anyway. They know they should obey traffic laws or refrain from driving while drunk or distracted, but for some reason, they fail to do this. In the end, it is the victims of these accidents who pay the price for a driver’s recklessness and disregard for the safety of others.

Recently, authorities announced that two people were killed in an accident with a driver who was allegedly driving aggressively. The suspected road rage accident was relayed to 911 dispatchers by a passenger in a third car that had also been hit by the erratic pickup truck driver.

The call to 911 was placed by a woman who was in the car with a man driving. She reports that a pickup truck driver behind them had been flashing his lights on and off and repeatedly bumping their vehicle for no reason. The 48-year-old truck driver then tried to get around the couple’s car by moving into the lane of oncoming traffic. A 20-year-old woman in an SUV in that lane could not avoid hitting the truck and the two vehicles collided head-on at about 70 mph. The young woman and the truck driver were both killed in the crash.

When an accident like this happens, it is tragic and an absolute nightmare for a victim’s family. Losing a loved one in a car crash, especially one that could have been prevented had one driver made safer decisions, is devastating. But there are ways that spouses, children or parents of the victims of a fatal car accident in Georgia to pursue compensation and assign legal responsibility for the accident with the help of an attorney.

Being in control of a large, powerful vehicle like a car can give drivers the potential to seriously hurt another person if they are unsafe. People may not always realize just how much damage can be done in an accident, but all it takes is one catastrophic crash to remind us all how much damage can be done in a motor vehicle accident.