Atlanta, GA (June 6, 2024)-Driver Arrested for DUI in Atlanta: In the early hours of the morning on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, a serious incident occurred involving an Atlanta fire truck, leading to the arrest of a driver for DUI.

This accident, which took place around 2:30 a.m. just before the Buford Highway Connector exit, caused significant disruptions as all lanes were temporarily closed.

Surveillance footage captured by FOX 5 showed emergency teams, including Atlanta police and crime scene investigators, actively managing the scene.

Driver Arrested for DUI Following Collision in Atlanta with Fire Truck on Interstate 85

Before the Buford Highway Connector exit, where the tragic accident happened

The chaos unfolded as the white Mercedes, driven by Alisha Teresa Gillooly, collided with the rear of the stationary fire truck, identified as Atlanta Fire Department Truck No. 29.

Despite the severity of the crash, thankfully, no firefighters aboard the truck sustained injuries.

Following the collision, Gillooly was transported to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.

It was later determined that she was responsible for the crash, resulting in charges against her including DUI Alcohol (less safe), reckless driving, and violating Georgia’s Move Over Law, among others.

The incident led to approximately an hour-long closure of the interstate, which has since been reopened, restoring normal traffic flow.

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Source: Fox5 Atlanta