Pedestrian Injury Attorney


In a crash involving a motor vehicle and an unprotected pedestrian, it is always the pedestrian who suffers the most injuries. And in many cases, these injuries can be life-changing or even fatal depending on how fast a car is traveling. That is why people all across Georgia are being cautioned to use extra care around pedestrians on busy streets.

When a road is congested with traffic or cars are traveling at high speeds, it can be easy for drivers to forget about the foot traffic that also shares that road. When a motorist is not paying attention or is driving recklessly he or she can easily crash into an unsuspecting pedestrian. There are some ways that pedestrians can protect themselves from negligent drivers on busy roads, and police in Macon, Georgia, have some suggestions to avoid a pedestrian accident.

Just like drivers should be aware and alert on busy roads, so should pedestrians. If a person is walking along a high-traffic road and listening to loud music or talking on a cellphone, it can be easy for that person to miss critical, life-saving sounds like a car horn, squealing brakes or emergency vehicle sirens.

Pedestrians can also do a few simple things to make them more visible to motorists who are not paying attention. They can wear bright or reflective clothing at night or when walking in poorly-lit areas. Pedestrians also may want to avoid crossing the street outside of a crosswalk.

People can take these simple precautions and hopefully avoid getting hit by a car. But unfortunately, many pedestrians already are engaging in these behaviors but they are still injured when a negligent driver crashes into them. The injuries that are often suffered in these types of accidents include broken bones, head trauma and spinal cord injuries. It can be very important for injured pedestrians to remember that a negligent driver can be held accountable for these and other damages.