COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Serious Crash at Cobb County Intersection l eaves two juveniles seriously injured in a crash that occurred overnight at a Cobb County intersection.

The incident took place around 1 a.m. at the intersection of Austell Road and Pat Mell Road, according to Cobb County police who confirmed the details to FOX 5.

 Serious Crash at Cobb County Intersection Leaves Two Juveniles Injured

The intersection of Austell Road and Pat Mell Road where two juveniles were seriously injured in a crash that occurred overnight

The crash involved an SUV, carrying the driver and four juveniles, and a van. The collision at such an early hour has left the community reeling, highlighting the dangers present on the roads, especially during nighttime.

Emergency responders arrived swiftly at the scene, working diligently to assess the situation and provide immediate medical assistance to those injured. Two of the juveniles were found to have sustained serious injuries and were transported by ambulance to local hospitals for urgent care.

The quick response of the medical teams was crucial in ensuring that the injured received the necessary treatment without delay. However, the identities of the injured juveniles have not yet been released by officials, respecting the privacy of the families involved during this traumatic time.

The intersection where the crash occurred is known to be a busy one, raising questions about the circumstances that led to the accident.

As the investigation continues, authorities are focusing on gathering all relevant details, including eyewitness accounts, traffic camera footage, and any other evidence that might shed light on the events leading up to the collision.

The involvement of an SUV and a van suggests multiple scenarios that could have led to such a devastating outcome, including potential speeding, driver distraction, or mechanical failure.

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As the investigation into the crash continues, the community remains hopeful for the recovery of the injured juveniles.

The Cobb County Police Department is urging anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward. Witnesses and those with relevant details can contact the department’s STEP Unit at (770) 499-3987. Public cooperation is vital in piecing together the events of that night and ensuring that justice is served.

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DisclaimerThe content provided herein serves solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal or medical advice. In the event of an accident, it is imperative to promptly seek medical assistance. Furthermore, please note that the image included in this post is purely illustrative and does not depict the actual scene of the incident.

Source: FOX5 Atlanta

This map shows the intersection of Austell Road and Pat Mell Road where two juveniles were seriously injured in a crash that occurred overnight